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Ephedra Plant Extract: Also known as the Mahuang plant is an herb that is being used as a fat burner/energizer ingredient found in many of todays top supplements. Ephedra has been used for many years in Asia to help treat various medical conditions such as bronchitis and asthma. To maximize the benefits of ephedra it is good to consume a lot of water while taking this supplement due to it's diuretic effects. Make sure to check out all the different products that we carry with ephedra in it such as Lipodrene, ECA Xtreme, Black Spider plus many more! ephedra plant extract supplements.

Male Enhancement: There are precautions to take when supplementing with pro-hormones and we need to be careful when taking these supplements. Prohormones are hormones that produce muscle repair in our bodies. Anabolic hormones like testosterone strengthen bones and effect the bodies metabolism rates. Ingestion of prohormones which convert into anabolic compounds after an enzymatic process in the body are known to support muscle growth and increase in lean body mass. Taking products like:Liver-Rx by Hi-Tech and Anti-Estrogen blockers such as A-HD by BPI will help you keep your gains and protect your liver!!

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